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Ever have a tough decision to make?

If you're human and alive, we know you have. Balancing several possible options with a list of different parameters is tough. Option A has some great traits, but is missing others, option B is a better balance of traits but isn't real strong in the areas that *might* matter most.

Let's face it, some decisions are tough!
So welcome to the Future of Decision Making!

"Decisions Decisions Decisions"

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Things like business management decisions, home management decisions can really test a persons patience. That's why we realized the need for a decidometer. A system/device to take the "stress" out of decisions by letting us focus on the options we have available in a logical way rather than just trying to take our best guess.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This system is for your information and entertainment only.
None of the building parties can be held legally liable for ANY decisions you make by using this software.
Ultimately you are making your own decision and are fully liable for the outcome no matter what that is.