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About Decidometer

Welcome to your decision. Some decisions are very complex, lots of options and factors like which phone service plan really fits our needs best. Other decisions carry the weight of our own future and will have dramatic consequences like which college to attend or field to study. Then other decisions affect the lives and wellness of others around us like which employee insurance programs will best suit the needs and perceived needs of employees. None of these should be taken lightly, we suggest you use the decidometer to balance the facts and help you make more informed decisions.

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We know that decisions can be challenging. My name is Jonny Shaw and several years ago I created a paper based system for analyzing and taking account of different options available when making decisions. Recently I had the good fortune to meet Eric Kestersen with whom my combination of website design skills and his back end programming experience we were able to build a functioning online version of the decidometer. I called my paper system the "decidometer" ("ometer" is pronounce like "speedometer") as it involves charting all of the available options and properties one accounts for when making complex decisions and putting a number (or metric) on the best options to suit perceived needs.

When you complete the 3 step process, the decidometer will indicate the best possible option to meet the balance of properties you seek. Sometimes, of course a gut feeling may override the numerical suggestion, but at least you'll have an ability to see which option appears to be the logical choice.

The way I built the paper based system is by first documenting all of my options, then all of the properties I'd like to see addressed by each option, next I evaluate the properties in terms of which are the most important, next most important and so on, then I judge each option to see which one best handles each property. By grading each option based on each property each option gets a number. Using an inverse math formula it becomes easy to see which option has the highest score and is therefore the best logical choice!

One example could be decising between different available cameras when making a purchase. You may have found several in or near your price range each with different strengths and weaknesses. While one may take better pictures in low light, it may not have a good a zoom ability as another, and yet another may have better color accuracy. The different cameras are your options, and the traits that each camera can be judged upon are properties.

This system can be applied to nearly any type of decision. Wether buying a house, choosing a spouse, renting a car or selecting a bar, a school or some other tool, who to fire or who to hire, don't decide until you do the math! To help you with your decision use the decidometer so that you'll know why you decided as you did. This online form makes it as easy as 1, 2 & 3 to turn even the most complicated decision into a set of simple facts that will gude you to the most logical outcome.



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IMPORTANT NOTE: This system is for your information and entertainment only.
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Ultimately you are making your own decision and are fully liable for the outcome no matter what that is.