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Using the Decidometer

OK, unlike myself not everyone created the decidometer so I suppose an explanation of its usage might help. It's really quite simple once you understand what it does. This explanation is probably more in-depth than it needs to be, so don't be intimated by it. If this seems confusing you may be the type who would intuitively pick it up without reading directions. If you think you get the gist, you can skip right to Step 1, Step 2 or Step 3.

Bypass the explanations - DECIDE NOW!!

Understanding the following is key to its usage. You ALREADY make decisions based on options and properties along with gut feelings in some uncertain balance. Step 1 is creating all of the options and properties that affect the decision you currently face. What we mean by options and properties is...

Options: What you are deciding between. If you are deciding on where to take a vacation (we'll use that as an example) your options could be the different destinations. Those options might be Relaxing at the shore, Hiking in the mountains, Golf vacation, Fishing vacation, Casino, etc. which would give you 5 options.

Properties: the traits on which you are judging the different options. One property may be, close proximity, meaning less travel and more vacation time is good (in this example at least). Other properties could be: getting away from society, fine living, excitement, photo opportunities, meet people, etc.

It may already be clear that each of those options would suit different properties better or worse. While a mountain hiking trip may feature a lot of getting away from society, it won't do as well for fine living. Inversely a casino vacation may have lots of fine living but photo opportunities will probably not be as strong. This is where the decidometer helps out.

Step 1. Has three details we'll label part A, B & C. Detail A. Once you know the decision you need to make, you list all of the known options (you can add more later if you wish) and Detail B. all of the properties which would be desirable for this decision. Those are parts A & B of Step 1. In step 1 Detail C you determine of the properties which ones are more important to you and which are less important. Maybe getting away from society is very important to you while on vacation and maybe fine living doesn't do much for you. Maybe you need to use the matrix with a partner to balance this part of the process. Evaluate the properties as which one is 1st most important, second most important and so forth. If Photo Opportunities is the most important factor to you, it should be given number "1", and if excitement is next most important make that #2. If two properties are of equal importance, you can give them both the same value.

Step 2. Let's you assign values then to indicate how each option, suits a specific property. So each option has a set of menu's next to it where you indicate how well or not that option suits the related property. So if you tend are evaluating your property of "meeting people" you may determine that you'd meet more people in a casino than on a fishing vacation. So for 'Meeting People" the Casino may be #1, while the fishing trip may be # 4 or 7 depending on how you feel and how many properties you're balancing. Indicate how well then each of your options addresses each of your properties and you're almost done.

Step 3. is as simple as clicking the "And the Decision is..." button. Clicking this button will create a matrix and will evaluate, based on your input, which option is your logical choice and wether by a small or large margin. So now you're either completely confused, ready to go decide or want some tips on using the decidometer or making decisions. It's up to you, after all, it's your decision.



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