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Decision making tips!

Here are a few tips that will make your decision making even easier and faster. These tips can apply wether or not you're using the decidometer but of course using it is ALWAYS a good decision!

1. Plan your options and properties in advance. If you think you will have 6 options click the "Add Option" button six times before you enter them, that will make it much faster to "tab" through the fields and add your options quickly. Otherwise you'll need to add an option, click the button, mouse click back to the field and go through that process with each option. Same is also true for properties!

Bypass the explanations - DECIDE NOW!!

3. make all of your properties "positive" concepts. In order for the system to generate an accurate response it needs to be judging all the properties based on a score increase. So if you are trying to avoid something negative, you must phrase it and judge your options on how "good" they are at avoiding something bad.

4. Do your research first, you may want to use a word processor to list technical details that relate to a decision that way you can save the details as you go through the process. You cannot (yet) save a decidometer decision, so have your info ready to go when you get there.

5. Try to avoid tie scores, we know it's tough as some things are real close in how well or not they fulfill a specific property. If it's an identical price or numerical detail it can be impossible to not to have a tie, but push yourself to determine one option or property as being more important or fulfilling in a specific trait than an other wherever you can. And if you can't we'll forgive you. Heck, we don't even know you!

6. Please note that sometimes "Gut Feeling" is a legitimate deciding factor, even one that you may determine should over-ride what the decidometer suggests. "Gut Feeling" can also be an appropriate property to assign value to and use within the system. We do not suggest in any way that doing something other than what the decidometer suggests is bad, wrong or ignorant. It's just a tool to help you evaluate your options in a logical manner. Ultimately it is your decision and subject to your ability to define it. Noentheless as our note suggests, it is your decision and you will need to live with the outcome.

If you have any suggestions or decision making tips to add, please contact us and let us know.



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